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Cambridge AG 2017/18: Our Experience and Advice

  • Von Julia Lechler, Dana Premec & Weeimin Lam (Jg. 11)
  • Englisch AG
Cambridge AG 2017/18
From left to right: Milena Kusber, Hans-Christian Hartwig, Weeimin Lam, Merlin Pott, David Klassen and Jochen Weisenburger. Photo: Susanne Risius-Hartwig (Ems-Zeitung)

When Mr. Weisenburger invited us to participate in his Cambridge AG, we weren’t wildly enthusiastic. Let’s be honest: who wants to stay at school after barely surviving the sixth lesson? Literally nobody does! We expected this AG to be another extra two hours of school. But we didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Weisenburger, so we agreed to give it a try.

Surprisingly, after a very short time we started looking forward to these afternoon events and we realized that it didn’t feel like being in school at all because the atmosphere was really relaxed and congenial.

In order to pass the Cambridge Certificate exam, we diligently practised and improved our writing, listening, speaking and reading skills. In the eighth and ninth lessons every Monday we met in room 2 for one complete year. It may sound a little bit like normal classes but apart from working hard at the tasks, we also talked a lot and ate cookies that were brought along by none other than Mr. Weisenburger himself… and Milena, of course :).

But let us continue with more serious aspects now. The tasks we had to accomplish lasted approximately forty to fifty minutes. Then we compared our results and spoke about our answers for the rest of the lesson. If you manage to answer at least 60 percent of the exercises correctly, then you are ready to pass the Cambridge Certificate exam.

When the day of our examination finally arrived – one sunny morning of June 2018 – we went to Oldenburg by the 6:30 train leaving from Leer… accompanied by Mr. Weisenburger. Even though we seemed pretty calm, every one of us was very nervous but we were definitely looking forward to this day. The excitement was at such a high level that the nervousness just faded away.

After arriving in Oldenburg, we immediately headed for the building where we were to take the exam. We waited until we were asked to go into the examination room where we met with all the other participants.

On the first day we had to take our writing, listening and reading exams and a few days later – our second day of exams – we had to take our speaking exams.

Our results arrived in late July: not only had we achieved our aim of receiving B 2 qualifications: as we had achieved an average of more than 80 percent in all exams, we were awarded the Cambridge Certificate of C 1 (C 2 being for native speakers). We had surpassed ourselves! Consequently, we are now able to prove that we possess a high level of ability in English and the Cambridge Certificate is accepted as adequate proof of this at all universities worldwide.

We must admit that it is really worth while participating in the Cambridge AG run by Mr. Weisenburger, you just have to be a little bit skilled and interested in the English language. And… it is definitely worth having the Cambridge Certificate for many of your future careers, therefore take a shot at achieving this aim!

Cambridge English Qualifications